Why a progressive Democrat supports Gov. Scott's teacher health care proposal

The following is a letter sent by CFV follower Megs Keir to her legislators regarding Governor Scott's statewide teacher health care contract proposal. Opinion's expressed are those of Megs', however we believed they were important to share.

Rep. Tom Stevens
Rep. Theresa Wood
Sen. Clair Ayer
Sen. Chris Bray

Sen. Michael Sirotkin
Sen. Virginia Lyons
Sen. Timothy Ashe (Senate Pro Tempore)
Rep. Mitzi Johnson (Speaker of the House)

Tom, Theresa, Clair, and Chris, 

First day of Summer and you're back in the Statehouse!

Please consider my points of view on the issue of teacher health insurance.

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Robin Chestnut-Tangerman - Vote for Vermont


GUEST:  Robin Chestnut-Tangerman, Leader of the House Progressive Party

TOPIC:  Looking Back at the 2017 Session  


Pat McDonald and Ben Kinsley are co-hosts of the show “Vote For Vermont.” On a recent show  Ben took a solo run at hosting with guest Robin Chestnut-Tangerman, the leader of the House Progressive Party. Robin was on the show in February and provided a list of Progressive priorities for the 2017-18 legislative session. The priorities were: interested in human rights, where all Vermonters live a quality life with dignity of work and wellbeing; a livable wage; affordable and accessible health care; and affordable child care. The primary question Ben asked Robin was “How did you do this year in meeting your priorities?”

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Let's Re-Energize Vermont's Education System

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Help us reach our fundraising goal to support our work to reduce the property tax burden on Vermonters. 

Vermont is well-positioned to meet increasing demand for access to American education systems:

  • International applications for U.S. student visas have increased 300% since 2008.
  • Vermont's public school system has the capacity to meet this demand (having lost 20,000 students since 1998).
  • Small classroom sizes and good educational outcomes that would be attractive to these students.
  • Three public high schools in Vermont are already doing this!
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Give $10, Save Much More

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Campaign for Vermont has been fighting for YOU in Montpelier; fighting for an accountable and transparent government, a sustainable state budget, and an affordable quality of life. While the legislature has finally listened to warnings about the growth in state spending, property taxes are still out of control.

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Vermont Fuel Dealers - Vote for Vermont


GUEST:  Matt Cota, Vermont Fuel Dealers Association
TOPIC:  Carbon Tax


Pat McDonald and Ben Kinsley are co-hosts of the show “Vote for Vermont.” On a recent show  Ben and Pat interviewed Matt Cota, the Executive Director of the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association.  The topic for the show was carbon tax.

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They're back...

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Today the Legislature returns to Montpelier for a two-day budget veto session. Lawmakers have just nine days to pass a budget or state government shuts down. Unlike many states, Vermont does not have a system that continues operating on the previous budget. In Vermont it is a constitutional requirement that no money can be spent without the Legislature’s approval. This puts pressure on budget negotiations over Governor Scott’s $26 million teacher health care savings plan.

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Help us help you save $500

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Because the Legislature failed to take action on a plan to save Vermont property taxpayers up to $350 million, we have extended our fundraising campaign to engage lawmakers over the summer and start a pilot project to begin reinvesting in our education system NOW.

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Governor has 24 hours

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Governor Scott has one day left to decide what do with S.22, the Marijuana legalization bill. The Senate sent the bill to Scott last Thursday starting a countdown that ends at close of business tomorrow.

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Press Release: Legislature Sends Ethics Reform to Governor's Desk

Press release sent @ 10am on May 16, 2017.

(802) 448-2380

Burlington, VT – Campaign for Vermont Prosperity (CFV) concluded a four year legislative campaign last week when the House and Senate approved the final version of S.8, a bill creating a state ethics commission and standards of conduct for public officials. “This is a significant step forward,” said CFV Executive Director Ben Kinsley, “we have been fighting for this for years and the Legislature has been slow to act,” referring to a 2013 report the organization issued calling for the creation of ethics laws for public officials.

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Twenty-four lawmakers who don't value Ethics?

When the Vermont House took a final vote on S.8, the bill making Vermont the 48th state in the country to pass ethics laws, there were 24 lawmakers who voted against it. While we don't make any assumptions about the reasons these lawmakers chose to vote against government ethics, we do believe it raises questions about their commitment to a transparent and accountable government. We encourage voters to contact the Legislators below for an explanation. 

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Donate Volunteer Reduce Property Tax Burden


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