Re-Energizing Vermont's Education System

Vermont is well-positioned to meet increasing demand for access to American education systems:

  • International applications for U.S. student visas have increased 300% since 2008.
  • Vermont's public school system has the capacity to meet this demand (having lost 20,000 students since 1998).
  • Small classroom sizes and good educational outcomes that would be attractive to these students.
  • Three public high schools in Vermont are already doing this!

Filling just half of our excess capacity (about 10,000 students) would:

  • Generate $350 million in taxpayer savings (about $550 per person). 
  • Reduce tax rates up 30%. 
  • Diversify our student population (one of the most homogenous in the country.)
  • Create more educational opportunities for Vermont students. 


While this may seem like a no-brainer...

There is a lot of work left to do before these cost-savings are realized. We need your support to fully engage in advocating for the Legislature to invest in developing a statewide marketing and placement program for international students.

It costs $250 per day for us to be in the Statehouse. Can't contribute $250? You can pledge $25 per month instead! Or, find four other friends and each give $50.

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