Water Quality Innovation

Eliminating phosphorous entering the northeastern end of Lake Champlain would amount to over a $10 million increase in local tourism and property sales over the next three decades. Now multiply that over all of Vermont’s lakes and waterways and we can get a sense of both the magnitude of the problem and the economic benefits from finding a scalable solution.

To date, government-funded efforts have focused on mitigating future runoff and pollutant loading (with only marginal success). This does nothing to address the existing pollutants in Vermont waters that will take many decades to remediate naturally. We can't wait decades for our lakes and rivers to be swimmable and drinkable.

New technologies are emerging that may offer us a solution to address both the sources and existing pollutant loads:

We want to continue our work to vet these options identify the right solution for Vermont - potentially even as an opportunity to commercialize one of these technologies right here in Vermont. Water quality is a $263B global industry and it is projected to double by 2028. Please join us by pledging below to support this project.


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