Without Standards, Nothing is Unethical

July 20, 2015

In a recent exchange between the Vermont GOP and Democratic Party, we see a prime example of how a lack of comprehensive ethical standards devolves a legitimate discussion into partisan rancor. In short, Governor Shumlin has appointed the wife of an environmental advocacy group Executive Director to the top environmental protection post in state Government. […]

Action Alert: Sign the petition in support of ethics reforms!

July 6, 2015

We’re proud to announce the release of a citizen petition and website focused on Vermont ethics reforms. “The time has come. Public support for these reforms is growing and this petition will quantify that support in a way that the Legislature will hear loud and clear” says Cyrus Patten, the Campaign’s Executive Director. The group […]

Vermont Ethics Infographic

June 23, 2015

Everything you need to know about the state of ethics in Vermont. Please share widely! Our full policy recommendation can be found here.

Wacking the Middle Class

June 12, 2015

“We’re trying to get a revenue bill and trying to get out of here,” (Representative) Ancel said. And so they did. At the beginning of the legislative session, legislative leaders struggled to fix a problem of their own creation, the legendary $113 million “budget gap” for fiscal 2016 attributable to budget growth at 5% in […]

Pelham: Chaos at the Helm

August 14, 2014

Tom Pelham served as finance commissioner in the Dean administration, tax commissioner in the Douglas administration, a state representative elected as an independent and who served on the Appropriations Committee, and is a co-founder of Campaign for Vermont. So now the fiscal ship of state has hit the rocky shoals, as predicted. Almost a year ago, […]

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