A story of failed policies

This chart tells a story of Vermont’s economy, of failed policies, and opportunity to do much much better.

vermont job growth

Source: Mat Barewicz, Economist and Chief Information Officer of the Vermont Department of Labor.

At the end of the day, Campaign for Vermont is an economic development-focused activist think tank. To read our economic development proposals in detail, click here. Read on for a summary of our other policy positions.

Campaign for Vermont stands up for middle class Vermonters.  We want to see Vermont THRIVE economically and socially.  We work toward this goal by advocating for public policies that are based in research as well as our growing grassroots network of supporters.

Our policy priorities, in brief:

On the Economy

Increase the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), target economic investment in high-impact sectors like manufacturing and R&D, restore the Vermont Training Program and reinvigorate the Workforce Investment Boards. More.

On the State Budget

The fiscal ship of state has been mismanaged. Over the past five years, spending has grown at an annual rate of 5.45% while revenue has grown by less than half that rate. We have proposed a more sustainable budget model that would put our state on a path toward sustainability without gutting state government or unfairly burdening taxpayers. More.

On Education

Consolidation of largely bureaucratic supervisory unions in favor of Regional Education Administration Districts (READs). Local voters would approve a budget and the READs would be charged with raising most of the tax revenue to meet the budget. In this way, voters would be reconnected to local spending. More.

On Good Government

Strict ethics standards for all public officials such as a revolving door waiting period that would stop lawmakers from taking jobs with lobbying firms. Also, disclosure of who is paying public officials besides the taxpayers. So we know who has influence over whom. More.

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