2018 Blog Series - More Out of Your Pocket

December 28, 2017


Fellow Vermonters,

I am sure that, like me, you are somewhat relieved in leaving 2017 behind us. The level of political turmoil and uncertainty about big issues like health care and income taxes has been exhausting. However, there may be cause for even more apprehension heading into 2018.

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Vermont's High Cost of Living is Only Getting Higher

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Dear Friends,

empty_classroom_-_small.jpgVermont has lost 20,000 students over the past two decades, with little change to the number of teachers, staff and administrators. Governor Scott recently announced Vermonters can expect another property tax increase to the tune of 7 percent or more. New school mergers promise little in the way of savings.

Simply put, our education funding system is pricing Vermonters out of the state and it’s unacceptable.

What is the solution? Decreasing costs is proving complicated and less than effective. Just look at Act 46 as an example, which shows no sign of proving its value.

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Our resolution: Ethics, transparency and accountability

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Friends --

Since 2011, Campaign for Vermont has been advocating for public policies that set our state along a path to prosperity - from ethics, transparency, and accountability to general fund budgeting and taxation!

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Update: Rising Property Taxes

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Last month, Vermont Governor Phil Scott announced that property taxes are increasing 9.4 cents in 2018, about a 7 percent increase. The average family with a $200,000 house will see an increase of $188 on their property tax bill. Act 46, the so-called education equality act, has not lived up to its promise to reduce statewide property taxes or reduce overall spending on education in Vermont It’s time to admit this and move on.

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Property Taxes, Ethics, and Government Transparency - Why Support CVF on #GivingTuesday


2017 was a productive year for Campaign for Vermont. We had some big accomplishments and set the stage for great endeavors down the line. With your support, we can head into 2018 with the momentum necessary to accomplish even more.”

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Not a Conversation to Miss

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We were very excited to interview Governor Phil Scott last week about his first nine months in office. We covered a range of topics including an innovative approach to rural economic development called Vermont Outdoor Recreation Collaborative, cleaning up our waterways, his $26 million teachers health care proposal, and we also got is take on an EB-5 special prosecutor. 


 If you missed the live stream of the interview, you can find this and previous interviews at Vote802.com/watch.

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Sitting Down with the Governor

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We hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather! We’re hard at work making Vermont a more prosperous state to live, work, and recreate. 

Sitting Down with the Governor
We are excited to announce that Thursday’s episode of Vote for Vermont will feature an exclusive interview with Governor Phil Scott. We will be live-streaming the event on our Facebook page starting at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 5.  We hope you’ll check it out!

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Back to School

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Happy Fall! 

We hope you had a great summer - but Fall is here! (despite temperatures approaching 90). Color is creeping into the northern reaches of the Kingdom, and Oktoberfest took over the Burlington waterfront this weekend.  As summer fades to fall we wanted to take a moment to update you on a couple of important issues, and as always, please feel free to reach out with your questions and comments.

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Team Two - A Coordinated Approach to Mental Health


GUESTS:  Kristin Chandler, Team Two Coordinator and

Chief Tony Facos, Montpelier PD

                          TOPIC: Improving Responses to People in Mental Health Crisis


Pat McDonald and Ben Kinsley are co-hosts of the show “Vote for Vermont.” They have covered Vermont’s mental health crisis in several shows in the past few months.  In a recent show, Mary Moulton, Executive Director of Washington County Mental Health Services, and members of her staff spoke highly about a new program called Team Two. 

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NorthStar, AREVA videos show companies' expertise

Originally posted by Vermont Energy Partnership on July 10, 2017

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words are two videos worth?

Those who attended the past two NDCAP meetings may recall the excellent presentations delivered by NorthStar CEO Scott State and AREVA representative Frederick Bailly on NorthStar’s plan to decommission Vermont Yankee and on their respective firms’ expertise in deconstruction and decommissioning.

During Mr. State’s presentation on May 25, he showed the audience a video of several previous projects NorthStar has completed over the past several years. This video can be viewed at the link below:

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Donate Volunteer Reduce Property Tax Burden


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