Housing Bill (H.719) - Jan 11, 2024

Chairwoman Ram-Hinsdale introduced Representative Hango to the Senate Economic Development Committee on Thursday. Hango gave a simple and emotional endorsement of H.719 and mentioned some experiences surround the lack of housing in her and other legislator’s districts. Read more…

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Government Accountability Report - January 2024

Chairman Marcotte introduced Representative Brumsted as Co-Chair of the Government Accountability Committee along with Senator Brock. Brumsted shared with the House Commerce Committee that she has served in the Legislature nearly eight years and she was partly responsible for “sunsetting the previous committee” as the statutory authority was not sufficient.

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Public Safety Hearing - Jan 10th, 2024

The House Judiciary Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee held a joint hearing on Wednesday to cover concerns surrounding public safety. Jennifer Morrison (Commissioner, Department of Public Safety) talked about the lack of accountability. Even those arrested note that Vermont has a reputation for being soft on crime and has a catch and release policy without any regard to the harm being done by repeat offenders. While police continue to do their job of seeking out and arresting criminals, their actions must be accompanied by consequences.

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Act 250 and Housing - Jan 10, 2024

On Wednesday, three different Committees took up housing and land use issues. The Senate focused on a new proposed Act 250 framework that would change the incentive structure and land access for housing. The House Committees covered some of this as well, but also heard from non-profits asking for more investments in permanently affordable rental housing. 

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Green Mountain Jobs Program - Jan 9, 2024

The House Commerce Committee heard updates from experts on Tuesday about the Green Mountain Jobs Retention Program.

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Joint Hearing on Education Spending - Jan 9, 2024

Joined by the House Education Committee on Tuesday, the House Ways and Means Committee dove into their weekly briefing on education spending and property taxes. Chairwoman Kornheiser thought that the Committee might get to solutions in the next week or two.

The Joint Fiscal Office (JFO) reviewed an updated Education Fund Outlook that had updated the 2024 numbers to reflect the Governor’s recommended budget adjustment.

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Government Accountability (H.194) - Jan 9, 2024

Representative Stebbins appeared before the Committee on Tuesday to introduce her bill, H.194. She prefaced the conversation by saying that she does a lot of work nationally around the rollout and management of energy programs.

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Legislative Compensation (S.224) - Jan 9, 2024

The Senate Government Operations Committee reviewed S.224 on Tuesday, which would increase legislative pay and benefits.

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2024 Senate Economic Development Priorities

Chairwoman Ram Hinsdale kicked off the Senate Economic Development Committee on Wednesday, noting a Joint Hearing on January 17th with the Senate Judiciary and Health & Welfare Committees regarding public safety in our downtowns and our housing issues (possibly 9-12 AM, but not official yet).

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Jan 5 Department of Housing Update

Chairman Stevens invited Alex Farrell (Commissioner, Department of Housing & Community Development) and Shaun Gilpin (Housing Division Director, Department of Housing & Community Development) to provide overviews and updates to the House General & Housing Committee on Friday.

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