A World Class Education System

Putting Children First

Imagine a public education system that produces the most innovative thinkers in the world.  Imagine a system that consistently produces the best prepared citizens and that attracts employers who value a strong talent pipeline and educational opportunities for their employees children.  We can have that education system in Vermont.

Vermont’s education system is well positioned to be the very best. However, while we are among the best resourced on a per pupil basis in the world, our results are less than best, both nationally and internationally. By too wide a margin, we are not fulfilling our potential or our obligation to our children.  It's not "ok" to accept a good system of public education, when we know it can be, and needs to be, the best.

Campaign for Vermont believes we must raise our sights high and revitalize public education to produce the best outcomes for our children. We believe we need to put children first.

Providing a spectacular primary and secondary school system has many rewards. First, our children are better prepared for whatever future they choose. Whether business, agriculture, the technical trades or the arts. It’s important to send our children forward with the curiosity and skills necessary to be secure and to prosper.

Secondly, a spectacular school system will make Vermont attractive to families. Vermont has become the second oldest state in the nation, next to Maine, while the enrollment in our schools has dropped by over 21%, or over 19,000 students since 2004. Currently, about 17.9% of Vermont’s population is over 65. Over the next three years, that percentage is expected to grow to 21.4%.[1] We have a demographics problem.

Finally, a spectacular education system would be a valuable Vermont “brand” asset, attracting businesses to Vermont, providing jobs of all types for our high school and higher education graduates, and allow them to remain in Vermont and build a financially viable career and raise a family of their own.

If you believe our education system can be the best and should put children first, please join Campaign for Vermont today.

Re-Energizing Vermont's Education System
Position Paper (released 3/23/2017)

Recent Education Spending Statistics
Chart (released 11/15/2016)

Education Outcomes and Spending
Report (released 9/22/2014)
Download (pdf)

Education for the 21st Century
Position Paper (updated release 11/6/2014)
Download (pdf)

[1] Legislative Joint Fiscal Office Projections (JFO) as of July, 2019

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