We are Campaign for Vermont Prosperity


Campaign for Vermont is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization dedicated to the vision of a more prosperous Vermont. Thousands of Vermonters have signed up to be a part of the largest grassroots organizations in Vermont.  If you believe in Vermont, join us.

Our Mission

To advocate for public policy changes by reconnecting middle-class Vermonters to their government.


Vision for the Future

♦  Vermont public policy that fosters prosperity for ALL Vermonters from every corner of the state and all walks of life.

♦  21st Century economic policies that fosters the creation of family-sustaining jobs, with environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and a desirable quality of life.

♦  Political discourse that is data-driven and puts progress ahead of partisanship.

♦  State and local governments that are transparent and accountable, fostering a political atmosphere, and an administrative and communications infrastructure that promotes and encourages an engaged and active electorate. 


Our Story

Inspired by conversations with teachers, entrepreneurs, healthcare providers and many others about their vision for Vermont’s future, and the challenges we currently face, Bruce Lisman founded Campaign for Vermont with Mary Alice McKenzie, the executive director of the Burlington Boys and Girls Club and Tom Pelham, a former official in the administrations of governors Howard Dean and Jim Douglas.

Together, these three founding officers formed Campaign for Vermont to be an independent, nonpartisan 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to building a broad coalition of Vermonters from across the political spectrum to focus on advancing nonpartisan reforms that are most important to the future of Vermont and the economic security and prosperity of every Vermonter.

Today, Campaign for Vermont has partners and supporters throughout the state, representing a wide variety of interests and philosophies, and guided by the common goals of putting progress ahead of partisanship to build an economy where every Vermonter is secure and can prosper, preserving a clean, safe and healthy environment and maintaining our commitment to social responsibility.

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