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Several weeks ago we launched a campaign to support our report on Re-Energizing Vermont's Public Education System with a goal to raise $10,000 before the end of the legislative session. I am happy to say that we broke that threshold this week, with just a few days left in the session. However, the Legislature has been reluctant to move forward with this plan.

In order to realize meaningful savings for Vermont property taxpayers we must extend our legislative campaign through the summer and set a new fundraising target of $18,000. We need your help to make this happen, extending our advocacy for an innovative plan that could save taxpayers $350 million. 

Here is why you should support the initiative...

Vermont is well-positioned to meet increasing demand for access to American education systems:

  • International applications for U.S. student visas have increased 300% since 2008.
  • Vermont's public school system has the capacity to meet this demand (having lost 20,000 students since 1998).
  • Small classroom sizes and good educational outcomes that would be attractive to these students.
  • Three public high schools in Vermont are already doing this!

Filling just half of our excess capacity (about 10,000 students) would:

  • Generate $350 million in taxpayer savings (about $550 per person). 
  • Reduce tax rates up 30%. 
  • Diversify our student population (one of the most homogenous in the country.)
  • Create more educational opportunities for Vermont students. 


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