Miscellaneous Education Bill (H.874) - March 20, 2024

The House Ways and Means Committee reviewed H.874 on Wednesday.

The bill proposes several amendments to education law in Vermont. The amendments include repealing the High School Completion Program and making changes to the State's adult education and literacy program. The bill also aims to continue funding for the community schools program, require school districts to include military-related options in career development and postsecondary planning resources, and require the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) to include information on military-related options in planning resources.

Additionally, the bill requires a report on the postgraduation career and settlement behaviors of students attending Vermont colleges and universities and codifies the requirement for supervisory unions to use the Uniform Chart of Accounts.

Julia Richter (Senior Fiscal Analyst, Joint Fiscal Office) shared a fiscal note for the bill, which indicated a revenue neutral impact on the Education Fund. However, it would incur $2.5M in costs for the General Fund due to the expanded eligibility of the Adult Diploma Program.

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