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We are proud to announce a partnership with NewGrassroots, a grassroots solution to put THE PEOPLE back in control of our government. Legislators often tell us that phone calls are the most effective way to influence their decision-making. The problem is, phone calls are difficult to track and there's no good way to tell how many calls a legislator gets from one side of an issue or the other. NewGrassroots fixes this problem.

How does it work? WE let you know when there is an important issue being debated in the Statehouse; YOU simply record a short voice message for your legislator. NewGrassroots delivers the message and then provides data on how many messages were sent and which ones were listened to. We can then use this data to hold our public officials accountable!

We have put together a short tutorial on how to get started:


Campaign for Vermont is excited to bring you this new way of connecting with your elected representatives and creating a more engaged and active electorate.


Ethics Reform:
Vermont set snowfall records this week, but we are also setting records for lack of ethics oversight… Join us to support our campaign to pass ethics laws in Vermont.

The House Government Operations Committee is set to take up the ethics bill (S.8) this week. Campaign for Vermont will be there advocating for strong and enforceable ethics laws to hold our public officials accountable. We are planning to organize a grassroots campaign to support this initiative, but we need your help to make it happen. Go to to join the effort.



State Budget:
Lawmakers are still struggling with how to close the remaining $18 million budget gap, and they have gone back to Governor Phil Scott asking for more cost-saving measures. Scott’s administration officials have responded that all the cost-savings the Legislature has implemented so far have been their recommendations and it’s now the Legislature’s turn.

There doesn’t appear to be a clear resolution in the near future, and this is before factoring in lake cleanup, mental health, and pension funds – which have been chronically underfunded. Campaign for Vermont has a proposal that could save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars that we will be announcing later this week. Stay tuned!

Vote for Vermont:
Last week’s episode of Vote for Vermont we talked ethics with Secretary of State Jim Condos, Bill Schubart, Vermont Public Interest Research Group, and CFV Executive Director Ben Kinsley.



Thank you for your continued support,


Benjamin Kinsley
Executive Director
Campaign for Vermont Prosperity

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