Next Steps on Ethics (H.125) - April 20, 2023

Christina Sivret (Executive Director, Vermont Ethics Commission) joined the Senate Government Operations Committee to discuss a provision they wanted added to H.125. The underlying bill delt with boards and Commissions, but the Committee had previously indicated that this was a good vehicle for the language she was looking for.

She explained their recommendations as around municipalities and how they presented a gap in the current ethics oversight framework. Her request for Commission to come back next year to make a proposal to include either a general report or specific recommendations related to ethics oversight for municipalities. She looked to the Committee for clarification on whether they were "at a place" for a detailed framework or just a general report. 

They had drafted language hadn’t changed since in January, which they hoped would make it into H.125. She noted that a "proposal which is actionable" is what Senator Clarkson was interested in.

All the Committee members were in agreement that they wanted to move forward on this. Sivret noted that she would re-summit the detailed language she had provided previously.

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