Nonresident Property Tax Surcharge (H.608) - Feb 16, 2024

Representative Howard introduced H.608 to the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday morning.  She said it was to help her address the increased crime in the community.  She proposed to put a modest 0.05% property tax surcharge on absentee landlords who do not live in the community.  The money would be used to increase public safety and improve blighted buildings (those that are vacant or abandoned).

Committee members were concerned that treating different properties differently might create a legal problem. Chairwoman Kornheiser noted that this issue may be way more complicated than it originally sounds. Howard said that this would even apply to businesses owned by absentee landlords that do not live in the community.

Kornheiser referenced a bill that was passed last year, H.480, which will allow different categories of buildings to potentially be subject to different tax rates. She told Howard to ‘stay tuned” and perhaps come back next biennium. It was also noted that levying fines on abandoned properties was another way to find revenue.

It is important to note that the bill, as introduced, would apply to municipal property taxes and a municipality would have to vote to impose the surcharge. The revenues collected from the property tax surcharge must be collected separately from other municipal funds. The revenue collected shall be used exclusively to rehabilitate blighted properties and to fund public safety initiatives.

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