VOTE: Misc. Education Bill (H.874) - March 28, 2024

Chairman Conlon introduced an amendment from the Appropriations on Thursday morning. Representative Mihaly was there to present it and began by explaining some of the technical provisions of the amendment, including the new 60/40 split between the General and Education Funds for adult education.

The amendment also cut funding for the Community Schools Program from $1.9M back to $1M. The original federal funding went away so this cost was now on state dollars. The funding will end up being a transfer from the early college program.

The remaining changes included reports from the Agency of Education (AOE) and the Department of Mental Health on Community Schools, Dual Enrollment, Early College.

Representative Taylor asked about the 60/40 split for adult education and whether this was a new approach. Mihaly confirmed that it was a new approach. The new program will apply a formula-based amount whereas the old program was funded entirely by the AOE via the Education Fund.

There was a straw poll on the amendment that was 8-1-2 in favor.

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