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Survey Results

Legislative Priorities Survey: 81 people responded to the survey over a two week time period between January 22nd and February 2nd 2017. The survey was promoted via email and on social media channels. 

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White haired blog participants

Testing. How well can we converse & process issues using this communication channel?

2017 Campaign for Vermont Legislative Priorities

Friday December 30, 2016

Campaign for Vermont Prosperity will advocate for a number of reforms during the 2017 legislative session that we believe lay the groundwork for a prosperous future for ALL Vermonters. In 2017 we will ask the Vermont lawmakers to consider the following items, and provide expert testimony, research, and data supporting each:

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Draft Vision Statement

A Vision for a Prosperous Future
October 4, 2016 

Campaign for Vermont’s vision:

A Vermont that creates prosperity for ALL Vermonters from every corner of the state and all walks of life. State and local governments are transparent and accountable. Political discourse is data-driven and puts progress ahead of partisanship. A modern 21st Century economy that bolsters environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and quality of life. And most importantly, an engaged and active electorate. 

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Rebranding Feasability

CFV Rebranding Feasibility Report
November 2, 2016

Campaign for Vermont Board of Directors:

Louise McCarren, Chair
Mary Evslin, Treasurer/Secretary
Pam MacKenzie
George Clain
Edward Morrow
Stefanie Pigeon
Ed Zuccaro
Steve Wilk
John Powell

Last month Campaign for Vermont (CFV) turned five years old. Over the past five years CFV has conducted in-depth policy research and development on issues that matter to Vermonters. Through thoughtful collaboration and data-driven analysis CFV has developed a robust policy platform and advocated for reforms ranging from ethics in state government to local control of education. Progress has been made on several fronts, but there is still much work to be done.

The organization is now in a unique position. All three original founding partners have continued on to other ventures and a new generation of leadership is guiding Campaign for Vermont. To this point CFV has struggled to sharply define its organizational goals and purpose in a way that is forward looking. It has also acted as a policy think tank doing research and policy development and as an advocacy organization pushing for policy changes at a local and statewide level. Unfortunately CFV does not currently have the capacity to play both roles effectively and must choose to focus on either advocacy or policy development.

Given the obstacles identified above it has been recommended that CFV undergo a rebranding effort to more sharply focus the intent of the organization and streamline efforts where we feel they will have the most impact on Vermont’s quality of life. Such a rebranding effort may or may not include an organizational name change. This report is intended to look at a few options available to the organization and its board of directors.


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Vision/Mission Statement

Our current mission statement reads: "To advocate for public policy changes by reconnecting middle-class Vermonters to their government."

Question 1: Should we keep our mission statement as is? If not should we expand it?

Question 2: Should we have a separate vision statement?

Question 3: What is our vision for the future of Vermont and how do we incorporate that into our vision/mission statement?

Question 4: Are there specific benchmarks we can look at for measuring success? 

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