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Legislative Update: February 10, 2017

Legislator's discovery of $10 million "missing" from Governor Scott's budget, a medicaid pilot program, and freedom of student expression were just a few of the topics addressed under the golden dome this week. The Legislature and Administration are still at odds over the budget and education funding after the House shot down Scott's plan to move school budget votes last week.

Here’s What Happened this Week:

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Legislative Update: February 5

Legislative Update sent to Supporting Partners on February 6, 2017


A week into the Legislature’s consideration of Governor Scott’s budget proposal and the ship has already been sunk. Marijuana legislation is moving forward under a bipartisan banner. The Legislature hears about a reduction in caseloads in the Agency of Human Services that are leading to savings.

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Legislative Update: January 27

Legislative Update sent to Supporting Partners on January 27, 2017


This week Governor Scott gave his first budget address and set off reactions from a number of groups, both positive and negative. Proponents of early childhood education, child care, higher education, opiate treatment, and mental health lauded the governors proposed budget. Public educators, school boards, and teachers unions were less than impressed with Scott’s plan to move additional liabilities to the Education fund and ask teachers to contribute more towards health care premiums. We break things down for you below: 

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Legislative Update: January 20

Legislative Update sent to Supporting Partners on January 20, 2017


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Much of Montpelier is still in a holding pattern waiting for the Governor’s budget address to set the tone for the rest of the legislative session. This will give legislators a starting point for their legislative priorities. If there are any issues in particular that you are interested in learning more about, let us know!

What happened this week:

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