What does prosperity mean to you?

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Dear Friends,

What does prosperity mean to you?

For some it may be being able to go on a yearly vacation or purchasing the newest iPhone. For others it may be having enough left over to invest in college savings, or your retirement account. And for some it may mean not worrying that an unexpected car repair could use up what little savings they have, or that they won’t receive harassing calls from bill collectors at all hours of the day and night.

Girl_looking_at_Champlain.jpgNo matter what prosperity means to you, one thing is for certain: it starts with living in a state that is run on a system of accountability, sustainable budgeting, and responsible economics.

At Campaign for Vermont (CFV), our vision means a more prosperous state for all Vermonters. We fight for:

♦  Vermont public policy that fosters prosperity for ALL Vermonters from every corner of the state and all walks of life.

♦  21st Century economic policies that foster the creation of family-sustaining jobs, with environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and a desirable quality of life.

♦  Political discourse that is data-driven and puts progress ahead of partisanship.

♦  State and local governments that are transparent and accountable, fostering a political atmosphere, and an administrative and communications infrastructure that promotes and encourages an engaged and active electorate. 

Join us. Together we can be a voice that clearly tells out elected officials that they work for us, and we want a state in which all Vermonters can thrive. Make a year-end donation to CFV to directly support our important work in the 2018 legislative session towards a shared vision of a more prosperous Vermont for all.



Ben Kinsley, Executive Director

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