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    In the future I would be happy to explain to your reporters what exactly was happening behind the scenes with these votes. The votes you show in your link to House members is the committee vote for Ways and Means when the question was , ‘shall the bill move out of committee?’ . This was not the vote approving a the bil itself, but was the vote on which Minority Leader Don Turner had asked me to vote yes. He wanted me to try to get on the conference committee. So I voted as he had asked me to , out of respect for him and the hope that on conference committee I could do something to blunt the damage being done by this bill. I was eventually named to the conference committee. Sadly on the very first day the conference committee was to meet, my dear father died, and I was unable to attend any of the meetings. Rep. Bill Johnson was named to replace me on conference. I did however vote no on the 2016 budget and have voted no on the 2017 budget.
    If you report the facts correctly, your news will be more powerful.
    Rep.Carolyn Branagan
    Franklin-1, Georgia
Carolyn Branagan
Carolyn Branagan
Georgia, GA


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