Ethics Authority Survey

Vermonters deserve to have confidence in our public officials. That is why the Ethics Commission was created: to promote and practice the highest level of ethical standards and accountability in state government. In their own words, "The Commission provides governmental ethics training to all public officials, accepts complaints of governmental misconduct, provides information to the public, and issues ethical guidance and advisory opinions by interpreting and applying state law, governmental codes of conduct, and the General Principles set forth in Section 1 of the State Code of Ethics ."

Do you support additional authority for the Ethics Commission?

In their 2018 Annual Report, the Ethics Commission made a list of recommendations so that they may better serve Vermonters. Topping that list was a request to "amend 3 V.S.A. § 1221, 1223 to authorize the Commission to investigate complaints filed with the Commission of alleged violations of governmental conduct regulated by law and the Vermont State Codes of Ethics: General Principles of Governmental Ethical Conduct." Essentially, the Commission is seeking a degree of investigative authority that would allow them to follow-up and review complaints received. As it stands they are mostly restricted to comparing the complaint as filed to a check-list of ethical principals, then referring the complaint to another panel, committee, or agency. They do not have any tools to fully review the complaint, collect information to confirm its validity, or recommend enforcement actions.
  • Eric LaMontagne
    answered 2019-01-29 15:44:40 -0500
    Q: Do you support additional authority for the Ethics Commission?
    A: Yes

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