Our Experience w/ Heat Pumps

Back in 2018, we contracted for a heat pump installation in our two story home.

The installation took place in Aug of 2018, and was during a heat wave so initial use was for cooling which worked pretty well in the early stages of use.

But as time went on we found there were a lot of issues that were caused from lack of oversight from Efficiency Vermont (EVT). One example was a unit being installed in a small room that was grossly oversized. We found this out after a few days of use, and ultimately reverted to the window air unit which was the appropriate sized appliance for that room. Outdoor units were placed directly on the ground, with no buffer between the ground and the unit. I complained about this during installation was informed we had to pay extra for stands. Who in their right minds would do something like that in Vermont knowing that snow and ice would build up?

Then one of our outdoor units failed to work and the original installer was unavailable to work on the unit. EVT either could not or for some reason did not provide us with an up to date list of contractors when needed. We wasted a fair amount of time going this route and ultimately just did it on our own. It took us two years to finally find someone to get us back into operational mode. 

It seems these contractors are overwhelmed with work and will not readily providing service unless they sold and installed the unit. We did find a plumping and heating business who agreed to get our units back into service.... two years later. If we were relying on these units for heat (thank God we were not) we would have been out in the cold!

So we totally disconnected the head units upstairs, and concentrated on the remaining kitchen/lower level which is powered by an oversized outdoor unit capable of handling 3 indoor units; when only one is in use. Again, all of this oversizing was due to a lack of oversight by EVT. Your tax dollars fund this group, you tell me if we got our money's worth.

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