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    Our Experience w/ Heat Pumps

    Back in 2018, we contracted for a heat pump installation in our two story home.

    The installation took place in Aug of 2018, and was during a heat wave so initial use was for cooling which worked pretty well in the early stages of use.

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    Ben: An informed electorate is what has to be first priority. I think that is in good shape for the most part, because higher taxes have a tendency to get the voters’ attention, and we are in that mode now, with more to come. Then comes the need to get out the vote. The last time that effort really manifested was when the Civil Union law was signed by Howard Dean. The voters changed the legislature to Republican, but they at that time did not know how to handle their new role of being in charge; in fact many legislators could not believe the change was for real, so it ended up being squandered for the most part. there is no substitute for neighborhood meetings between elections, to get the word out. We have not utilized that concept enough, I believe, although now, in Rutland County that is beginning to happen. For Republicans to be successful around the state, we have to mobilize in every way that works.

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