Green Mountain Care Board 2023 Appointments

This week the Senate Health and Welfare Committee confirmed the appointments of a number of the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) members.

Confirmation Hearing for Owen Foster, JD:

Foster presented to the Committee on Wednesday regarding confirmation of his Gubernatorial appointment as the new Chairman of the GMCB. He has held that position for five months, following the resignation of Kevin Mullin. He shared some of the responsibilities of the position, including that his focus has been with Act 167, which includes the All-Payer Model for health care. Pursuit of this model was extended from one year ago. Other issues he has been concentrating on are the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) budget process and the Certificate of Need (CON) process, as well as the hospital budget process.

He was asked why he wants to be Chair of the GMCB to which he responded that he had a great deal of experience with various health care groups. He said that he had previously heard good things about the GMCB, and stated that he is enjoying his position. He reiterated that he has been dealing with a lot of issues, including non-hospital services, which he considers very important. He also shared that the five board members perform different responsibilities, including global budgeting and data analysis of care provided. He again stressed the importance of the continued analysis of ACOs.

Foster's nomination was confirmed by the the Committee.



Confirmation Hearing for Robin Lunge

On Friday, Lunge met with the Committee regarding the Gubernatorial nomination for her reappointment to the GMCB. She has been a member of the board since 2016, having been appointed by Governor Shumlin. She had previously been Director Of Health Care Reform for under Shumlin’s Administration. Her areas of expertise include Federal and State public benefits programs, health care and health care reform.

Lunge's nomination was confirmed by the Committee

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