Rental Housing Registry (H.276) - March 28-31, 2023

On Tuesday, the House General and Housing Committee did a walk through of H.276 with Legislative Counsel. The bill essentially requires landlords provide identifying information on the owner, landlord, property manager and other identifying information about the unit, location of the unit, and construction of the unit by March of next year.

An annual registration fee of $35/unit will be paid to the Department of Housing and Community Development. The registry may also have other fees and costs imposed.

Representative Harrison joined the Committee on behalf of the Appropriations Committee. He presented an amendment to the bill, which struck out all of Sections 3 and 4 (which dealt with Homelessness) and then renumbering the sections that followed.

Representative Sims presented an amendment from the Ways and Means Committee regarding a project tasked to the Agency of Digital Services (ADS) to develop a digital system of collective and tracking the reporting submissions. The issue was how open ended the fees in that provision were, essentially they could be anything "necessary to support the design, implementation, and maintenance of a registry."


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