Property Tax Yield Bill (H.887) - April 26, 2024

Secretary Saunders (Secretary, Agency of Education) joined the Senate Education Committee on Friday afternoon to discuss Section 1 of the property tax yield bill, H.887. The Agency supports this section which creates the Commission on the Future of Education. She did offer some clarifying language ensuring more representation of policy experts can be accessed. She her written testimony.

She also indicated that there is a “broader discussion not just Compliance and Regulatory functions,” for both the Commission and the Agency. “We want to be clear here around the data and goals before making decisions around the structure,” she stated.

Senator Weeks recalled the “deep dive” last year into childcare, saying that H.887 bill includes representation from these professions. He wondered about a 0-12 concept and whether that is a “bridge too far” or if could be included in the Commission’s scope. Saunders agreed these should be a part of the broader conversation but did not commit for it to be part of the Commission.

Weeks felt that the childcare industry should have a seat at the table. Chairman Campion indicated support for the concept and Hashim noted that they do tend to “silo our areas of study; perhaps too much.”

Campion commented on the size of the Commission. Saunders agreed it large, while she says the lines of “inquiry and productivity may need that level of diversity.” Steering committee has a role in channeling roles and energy. It was agreed that there would be a need for subcommittees.

Campion wondered if they had “too many of the usual suspects” and whether they needed to bring new light to the conversations.

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