Legislative schedule for 3/26 - 3/27

Here is the legislative schedule for 3/26 - 3/27. 

Please note, this is not a list of every committee meeting; there are many more happening than what is on this list. These are the ones Campaign for Vermont has identified as being most relevant to our Three E's of Prosperity - Education, Ethics, and Economics.

These schedules are all subject to change with little to no warning. 

Committee meetings are being streamed live on YouTube. Clicking the link next to a meeting listing below will take you the schedule page for that committee. This is where you can find the YouTube link.

The State House is closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This does not mean the public input process is also closed. You can, and should, continue to reach out to your Senators and Representatives on important issues. 


COVID-19 Response Committee Discussion - Senate Economic Development - Thu 3/26, 12:00pm - Link

Self-Employed and Independent Contractors - Senate Economic Development - Thu 3/26, 1:30pm - Link

COVID-19 Update and Discussion - Senate Appropriations - Thu 3/26, 2:00pm - Link

Mark-Up: S. 47, An act relating to the persons authorized to make contributions to candidates and political parties and to political committee names - House Government Operations - Thu 3/26, 2:15pm - Link

FY20 Budget Discussion - Senate Appropriations - Thu 3/26, 3:00pm - Link

Workers Compensation Issues - Senate Economic Development - Thu 3/26, 3:00pm - Link

COVID-19 Committee Discussion - House Ways and Means - Fri 3/27, 10:00am - Link

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