Dr. David Murman GMCB Confirmation - March 29, 2023

The Senate Health and Welfare Committee held confirmation hearing on Wednesday for Dr. David Murman to be appointed to the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB).

Murman is an Emergency Room physician and has been a member of the GMCB for six months. The Committee asked him to comment about his experiences with the GMCB during his time there. He noted that the Board appears to be very dedicated to their mission, and for the health care of Vermont residents. He commented that it can be "quite intense" at times. He specifically addressed the Affordable Care Organizations (ACO), which distributes health care costs among its network; dealing with it can be complicated. He stressed the need measure to the affects of an ACO and to identify potential risks.

Chairwoman Lyons asked him about his primary contribution(s) the GMCB. Murman shared how his position as a physician, and especially as an ER physician, allowed him to discuss and explain his interactions with various other health care personnel. That includes not only other physicians, but nurses and paramedics that bring patients to the ER. He also benefits from his interactions with the patients, including all of their needs.

He concluded by candidly commenting on the difference between working as an ER physician and with the GMCB, in that as an ER physician he must act and react quickly. When dealing with policy-making on the Board, a lot more time and care to make decisions is necessary.

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