Vermont Recognized for Remote Worker Relocation Program

Vermont recently received recognition from the Rockefeller Institute for Government as being a leader in adapting to new labor trends. 

The report states that "Vermont is perhaps the best example of taking this approach and turning it into a widespread economic development strategy. Concerned about slowing population growth and lower-than-average birth rates, the state legislature has invested in a remote worker recruiting program that includes money to help offset the cost of moving and grants for coworking spaces in towns across the state. According to the state’s 2019 remote worker report, the nine months of the program drew 4,201 applications and awarded 84 recipients more than $320,000 total. The average grant award was $3,819 and the state gained 218 new Vermonters, including family members. The program has been so successful that the legislature ended up putting more money into it after just the first few months. It is anticipated that the program will have awarded $500,000 by the end of 2019, and the legislature has appropriated more than $1 million in grants to be awarded starting in 2020."

Read the full report from the Rockefeller Institute for Government here.


Link to the legislative report on the Vermont Remote Worker Program


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