We Believe In Prosperity

Campaign for Vermont has been working for a future with more prosperity for ALL Vermonters. But what does this mean?

We believe…

Prosperity should be available to every Vermonter and each generation of Vermonters should be more economically secure and prosperous than those that came before them.

We believe…

There should be more jobs than there are people; the middle class should be expanding while poverty is declining.  Incomes should steadily rise; and Vermont should be a more affordable place to live and work.

We believe…

The number of Vermonters in poverty, and the rate of Vermonters near poverty and working paycheck to paycheck, is a reflection of insufficient and inefficient public policy.

We believe…

State policies, at every level and in every area, should inspire hope and create opportunities for struggling Vermonters to achieve economic independence.  Public policies should be measured by, among other things, how many Vermonters are able to escape poverty and achieve economic security.

We believe…

Investing in a public education system that is second to none is a critical economic development, job creation and anti-poverty tool.  By producing the best-educated and skilled young people in the world, we’ll not only give every graduate an unprecedented advantage in the 21st Century economy, we’ll be creating world-class innovators and establishing Vermont as a magnet for job creators who require the best-trained workforce in the world.

We believe…

Revitalizing the small business environment is essential to achieving the sustained economic security and prosperity every generation deserves. Small businesses—especially family-owned enterprises—are the backbone of our economy and we need more of them to achieve the security and prosperity we know Vermonters want and deserve.

We believe…

Prosperity requires every employer to play by the rules, treat workers fairly and commit to the social wellbeing of their communities. In a vibrant economy, employers enrich their communities, and the lives of their employees, as much as they enrich themselves and their shareholders.

Do you believe?



Campaign for Vermont is a non-profit organization and relies on support from people like you. Here are three easy ways you can help us in our fight for a more prosperous and economically secure Vermont.

  1. Make a financial contribution. Your support will go directly toward engaging an educated public in issues of vital importance and putting people in the statehouse to fight for you.
  2. Contact your legislator and ask them what they are doing for you. Politicians work for us. In the words of Dwight D. Eisenhower, “we the people elect leaders not to rule, but to serve.”
  3. Follow us on social media. Keep up with the latest updates and opportunities for action.

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