What is $2,000 to your family?

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Friends --

What does $2000 mean for your family? Putting off an important dental procedure? Not being able to invest in your child’s college fund or send them to summer camp? Skipping vital home repairs? Not being able to travel to see family and friends? Perhaps it’s having to choose between being able to set the thermostat above 58 all winter, or eat nothing but rice and chicken until the snow thaws.


As you may have seen in our previous email, Vermont families can expect an additional $2000 tacked on to their annual out-of-pocket expenses in 2018. What are you prepared to give up? Because you WILL have to give something up.

We are here to fight for you, with our proven record of accomplishment for being a consistent voice for transparency and accountability in state government, sustainable budgeting, and economic prosperity for all Vermonters. Click here to learn more about what we are doing on your behalf.

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We hope you have a great new-year celebration enjoyed with family and friends.

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Ben Kinsley
Executive Director, Campaign for Vermont Prosperity


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