Tired of All This Craziness?

Wow, it has been a year, hasn't it?

Between major federal costly government initiatives, the delta wave, workforce shortages, historic inflation, and supply chain nightmares I think it is safe to say we are all exhausted. And that was just the last six months. It almost seems like 2020 never ended, it just continued right on through 2021 and will end... who knows?

At the state level we are not immune to the national headwinds, we feel all of those developments here as well. In fact, we have a few of our own to add to the list: our waterways continue to degrade while our attempts to eliminate point-source pollution fail to find meaningful success, we have spent another year debating pension reform after the deficit in our pension obligations grew by $1B in 2020, affordable housing is impossible to find, emergency measures to connect rural Vermonters to broadband internet have ended long ago but the need is still painfully apparent, and our state college system is still in financial crisis and needs transformation into a vibrant educational ecosystem.

Yes, it is Giving Tuesday and this is another pitch for you to open your wallet. No, I’m not trying to sell you something. Instead, I am asking you to give back and to invest in your community. Giving Tuesday is a chance for us all to reflect and be thankful for our vibrant Vermont communities. Campaign for Vermont is working hard to protect the communities that make our state such a special place. When we return to the (possibly virtual) State House in January, we will be pushing innovative proposals to intractable issues like the ones we have mentioned above, in fact you can weigh in on exactly which issues we tackle.

In order to be in a strong position to advocate for these important issues when lawmakers return in a few short weeks, we need your help.

Please give $25, $50, or $100 dollars today to make an impact on Vermont and your community. We run a lean operation with very little overhead. Your funds are used to pay staff and expenses associated with policy research and/or advocacy.

You can click here make your investment in our shared future today. I hope you do.



Pat McDonald
President, Campaign for Vermont

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