Career and Technical Education (H.716) - Jan, 26, 2024

The House Education Committee heard from Scott Farr (Director, River Valley Technical Center) on Friday, speaking to a letter he wrote which was previously reviewed by the Senate Education Committee as part of their testimony on S.207.

Melissa Conner (Director, Stafford Education Center) also spoke, sharing that years ago there were content specialists for "every area" within the Agency of Education (AOE). These days that responsibility falls on the directors of Technical Education Centers (CTEs) because AOE doesn't have the capability. She does not think this is fair for the smaller CTEs. Another concern is that the salaries for tech centers are not competitive and it is difficult to find qualified people to apply for positions. She emphasized that CTEs want their graduates to be prepared for anything they decide to pursue going forward after graduation. She stressed the importance of statewide consistency in all CTEs. There is a vast difference between different centers, in her opinion. Examples included relative salaries (which she argued is because they are negotiated separately instead of statewide).

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