Career & Technical Education Funding - March 24, 2023

The Senate Education Committee invited two Assistant Directors from Career and Technical Education (CTE) Centers to join them on Friday. The issues they spoke to the Committee about were on a list presented by Jodie Emerson earlier in the week.

Both Assistant Directors questioned why their positions, by statute, don’t get paid salaries but instead get paid a percentage. Many employees in CTE Centers work part-time, but Assistant Directors work full-time and want to get paid a salary like all the other full-time school employees. They pointed out that they have some of the best adult technical student outcomes, but don't get paid like they do. 

Chairman Campion said that perhaps they could send this information to Joint Fiscal Office and this could be worked into the property tax bill. He also asked about the request to be able to draw down Act 77 funds for adult education. Last year the Assistant Directors talked to Chairman Marcotte (House Commerce Committee) and pitched the idea that if a currently enrolled students wants to access programs at one of the state colleges, they can drawdown Act 77 funds, but if that same kid wanted to take adult education program at a CTE Center, then they could not draw down those same Act 77 funds. Campion asked if the two Assistant Directors could on an upcoming Monday with Legislative Counsel so they could talk more about these issues and some of the remaining questions the he has.  


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