School Board's 2024 Priorities

Sue Ceglowski, Executive Director of the Vermont School Boards Association (VSBA), welcomed the Senate Education Committee back to Montpelier on Thursday and shared her organization’s priorities for 2024. She started by focusing on Act 29, the School Safety law, which required school districts to adopt policies on access control and visitor management by August 1st, 2023. However, the Agency of Education (AOE) its guidance in September, and the VSBA worked with the AOE to align their model policy with the revised guidance.

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Governor Scott's 2024 State of the State Address

Governor Scott kicked off the Legislative session by congratulating Vermonters on their ability to “turn catastrophe into opportunity” in the face of the flooding this past year. He quoted Calvin Coolidge, saying that “the indomitable courage of Vermonters is stronger than ever.”

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2024 Senate Natural Resources Committee Priorities

The Senate Natural Resources Committee convened their first meeting of the session on Thursday. Chairman Bray went around the room asking each member of the Committee what their top priorities were.

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VT-NEA 2024 Priorities

Jeff Fannon, Executive Director of the Vermont NEA, was asked by the Senate Education Committee on Thursday to speak about cost containment. He shared that the Act 46 consolidations were a few years ago and “One of the reasons I supported it at one point was the educational opportunity piece, and we've never examined what additional educational opportunities Act 46 has provided to students” that reside in those consolidated districts.

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2024 Priorities - Senate Health & Welfare Committee

Senator Lyons, Chair of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee discussed some of the primary issues they would be addressing during the 2024 session. Her overall emphasis was on Health Care access. Act 81 would address health care related to housing and homelessness.

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Senate Education 2024 Priorities

On Wednesday morning, the Senate Education Committee reviewed their 2023 bills with Legislative Counsel. Bills that were passed but not signed into law were looked at as possible priorities. These included S.133 (miscellaneous) and S.134 (school construction).

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Public Safety Task Force - Jan 3, 2024

The House Government Operations Committee heard from the chair of the Public Safety Task Force (Commissioner Morrison, Department of Public Safety) on Tuesday. The Task Force was established under Act 78 to create a statewide communication system for first responders and law enforcement. She introduced her co-chair Barbara Neal, the Executive Director of the enhanced e911 board. Neal talked about the members of the task force and the work accomplished to date. They have held 30 meetings since the task force’s inception, but the Commissioner noted that there are some who think they have nothing to show for it. 

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Jan 3rd Property Tax Update

The Joint Fiscal Office (JFO) presented the Education Fund Outlook based on the December 1st letter from the Tax Department to the House Ways & Means Committee on Wednesday.

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Our 2024 Priorities

The challenges heading into the 2024 legislative session have never been greater and the division in our state leadership has never been more pronounced. Regular Vermonters are exasperated with their Government's increasing polarization and we are here to give them voice.

Here are our legislative priorities for 2024:

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2023 Public Opinion Poll - Full Results

With the 2024 legislative session just weeks away Campaign for Vermont commissioned a statewide public opinion poll looking at a number of contested policy differences between the Legislature and the Governor to see what Vermonters actually think. The results surprised us.

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