Family Share of Tax Burden

Ever wonder just how progressive Vermont's tax structure is? These charts show the total family share of the tax burden in Vermont compared to New Hampshire.

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The Impacts of Act 46

Act 46, an education reform bill, was a response to calls for property tax relief and the curbing of growth in statewide education spending. While the law was well-intentioned, it missed the mark and will have the opposite effect.

Here are just some of the burdens local school boards, parents and taxpayers will face this Fall through Town Meeting Day due to Act 46.

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An Ethics Panel is Just the Beginning

There’s been much discussion this summer about the need for an ethics panel – an independent oversight body to address concerns about the ethical behavior of public officials. Although the idea was proposed by Campaign for Vermont back in 2013, it’s just now become a popular position.

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Without Standards, Nothing is Unethical

In a recent exchange between the Vermont GOP and Democratic Party, we see a prime example of how a lack of comprehensive ethical standards devolves a legitimate discussion into partisan rancor.

In short, Governor Shumlin has appointed the wife of an environmental advocacy group Executive Director to the top environmental protection post in state Government. The Republicans pointed out the potential conflict of interest. The Democrats called the Republicans sexist and countered with an allegation that Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott’s business has enjoyed favoritism.

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Action Alert: Sign the petition in support of ethics reforms!

We're proud to announce the release of a citizen petition and website focused on Vermont ethics reforms.

“The time has come. Public support for these reforms is growing and this petition will quantify that support in a way that the Legislature will hear loud and clear” says Cyrus Patten, the Campaign’s Executive Director.

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